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As Cedetaş Inc. we are proud of completing one of our abroad projects. Al-Zahra University Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Alzahra University Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy is one of the largest universities in the Karbala/Iraq region. The university, which has a closed area of 65,000 square meters, consists of 1 main education building, 3
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It brings up the selection of different frequency converters in motor starting solutions according to the developing technology and application types. In this article, we will try to include drivers with an economical budget. Each brand has a driver family, including standard vector control and scalar control. However, when companies consider the minimum costs, they
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Before commissioning the Medium Voltage Softstarter, the following must be checked. Do Soft Starters have electrical projects? Have the Soft Starters been mechanically assembled? Are there compensation boards? Have they been mechanically assembled and wired? Have the motors been mechanically assembled? Is the coupling between the motor and the pump made? Have the MV and
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1- What is a Soft Starter? Starting a motor directly over the mains is an undesirable type of starting in today’s technology. Because with the developing technology, it has become easier to give way to the motors. It is now very easy with the driver where speed adjustment is required, and with the soft starter
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What is SCADA? SCADA is the abbreviation for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition” system. SCADA enables the monitoring, control and reporting of machines, facilities or industrial areas consisting of many control points from a single center. The control center can be a single computer, or it can be controlled from other computers such as tablets,
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PLC can be preferred in industrial field and wherever it may be required. What is PLC in this article? What are PLC types? We will try to find answers to some questions such as what should we pay attention to when choosing a PLC.   What is PLC? It is based on controlling the information
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With Iconics CFSWorX (Connected Field Service), you can simplify Field Service Organizations and reduce your downtime. Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring : CFSWorX provides real-time monitoring of connected equipment, whether that be on-premises or via the Internet of Things. CFSWorX uses intelligent workflow technology to determine which field worker is best for the maintenance task. When connected
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What is Helium (Hnt) Mining? The origin of Helium mining is IOT. The concept of the Internet of Things has become very popular today. Of course, there is a need for a reliable and accessible network structure for the communication of objects. Today, the IOT industry is estimated to be an 800 billion dollar industry.
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LoRaWAN Network Structure LoRaWAN is a long distance and low power consumption oriented wireless communication protocol. It has a distance of 2-3 km in the city, 5-7 km in campus and similar places, and 15 km in open areas. LoRaWAN is designed for various battery-powered sensors in the field to transmit data to the cloud
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In our world, which is constantly changing and developing, people’s expectations, wishes and expectations are changing. This change is faster than in the past and the phenomenon of globalization brings us face to face with new processes every day. Institutions that can present the concepts of innovation, creativity, savings, efficiency, sustainability and quality together will