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Industrial Automation

Are you looking for a competitive advantage but yet struggling to decide on the right technological investment?

Then waste no more time and take a look at the benefits and advantages presented by Cedetaş.  Let Cedetaş bring intelligence to your process by integrating their knowledge and application experience of the Industrial Digital Transformation and Industrial Internet of Things with your business objectives.

Cedetaş delivers turnkey system digital transformation applications for industrial projects complete with automation, control, monitoring, and decision support systems.  Cedetaş has a proven expertise in various public and private sectors including water, energy, iron and steel, transportation, product manufacturing to name a few.  For your unique process requirements in which your technical purchasing specifications have already been determined, we offer to review, revise and optimize your system design in light of our 35 years of international field experience.

Whereas the primary objectives of an Industrial Internet of Things application include operational efficiency and cost optimization, a comprehensive Industrial Digital Transformation also opens up other valuable opportunities.  IIoT creates for you a decision support system which is agile, extends the economic life of your facility and process, and can be integrated with other systems. 

Whether or not you are new to the concept and benefits of process automation, Cedetaş can help you achieve your financial and managerial goals.  It can reduce production and overhead costs, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing down-time, and empower you with data to further improve your process and competitiveness.

Whether it be a Smart CitySmart Factory or Smart Building application, Cedetaş has a solution for you.  Since 1989, Cedetaş has been providing process automation services to many well-known companies, for a wide scope of applications. If you would like to learn more about products and their operations, please consult our blog pages


The services Cedetaş offers include the DiscoveryDesignProcurementApplication & Training and After-Sales Technical Support.