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About Us

Incorporating real world practical experience accumulated since 1976, and our dedication to high engineering standards and professional ethics, Cedetaş Engineering strives for a better future with long lasting engineering solutions. While operating in 4 main business lines as Project Design and Consultancy, Digital Transformation, Life Safety and Energy systems, we continue to grow with new investments in many areas as well as the sectors we serve..

Cedetaş Technology and Engineering Inc. Ş., we are proud of every sector and brand in which we create added value with engineering projects, smart integrated technologies and analytical approaches. Utilizing their preferences in the public and private sector on our side, Petkim, Gasprom, Ülker, İş Bankası, Finansbank, İSKİ, ASKİ, İZSU, SASKİ, MASKİ, DSİ, Turkish Armed Forces, Yaltes, İnönü University Turgut Özal Medical Center, State Airport Operations. and with the projects we carry out with the world's leading institutions, we steadily maintain our goal of becoming a global player.
Behind the success we have achieved as Cedetaş with our dynamic human resources, our management approach that focuses on customer focus and efficiency and again as a result of this approach; We did our cooperation with reputable brands on a global scale, our ability to proudly represent Turkey is located all over the world. We have long years of trust-based collaborations and partnerships with large, global players such as Hitachi, Honeywell, Emerson, Teledyne, Siemens, Igel, Detectomat - SD3, Tanda, Oldham, Takex, Spectrex, Geutebruck, Hikvision.

Our management approach, which also reflects the corporate citizenship awareness that the whole society benefits from; Along with our social responsibility activities aiming to leave a mark on people's lives and to make daily life better; It also aims to contribute to social progress and the creation of a developing future. Our company Cedetaş Engineering & Technology, Inc. , which is among the leading companies in the field of Industry 4.0 in our country, evaluates its wide service, information and cooperation network in the most accurate way to achieve its goals. We continue to examine cooperation and investment opportunities that we believe will be beneficial to our country's economy with a global company vision that advances by exploration, adopts continuous improvement in quality standards.

Our Founder, Mr. Ahmet Bulent Cedetaş

He was born in 1927 in Istanbul-Kabataş as the first child of Hasan Basri Bey and Hayriye Hanım. Bülent Cedetaş continued his primary school education in Tokat-Sivas and Istanbul due to the frequent changes in his father's office. After completing his secondary education in Bolu, he enrolled in Haydarpaşa High School in the 1943-1944 academic year. He graduated from high school in 1947 and went to the military. In 1949, he enrolled in Istanbul Technical School, today's name is Yıldız Technical University.

In 1953, he started to work as an intern at the Hilton Hotel construction site, while also working as an assistant. In 1954, 3 friends went to America by ship to get a master's degree at Michigan University. However, his father's sudden illness and death prevent him from realizing this intention. He returns to Istanbul and resumes working on the Hilton construction site. His assistant at the school also continues. On February 13, 1963, he married Master Architect Necla BÜYÜKÖZKAYA, who worked in the supervision organization of the Hilton Construction Site. Burak CEDETAŞ was born of this marriage in 1964 and Burcu CEDETAŞ in 1968.

In 1958, Bülent CEDETAŞ started his free career and opened his first office in BARO HAN in 1964 under the name CEDETAŞ ELEKTRİK. It continues as a sole proprietorship until 1984.

On this date, CEDETAŞ ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING LIMITED COMPANY is established with the partnership of Kudret AKIN.

Turkey's private sector projects during the industrialization period between the years 1968-1979 in all of the winning weight Eczacıbaşı and Koç Holding's investments; Some of the investments of Çukurova and Sabancı Holding, as well as many other industrial and commercial structures, have their signature in their projects and control.

Bülent CEDETAŞ, who attaches great importance to innovations and developments, has made initiatives in the electricity sector in addition to projects after 1983.

Especially mosque chandeliers design with CEDETAŞ ELEKTROMEKANİK AŞ (MEKKE KIBLATEYN MOSQUE Chandeliers….)

Electricity contracting with GENSER AŞ; With ABC ENSER AŞ, it was again at the forefront in the fields of Automation and Security.

PRİZMANET Turkey's first Internet company was founded in 1996, again with his support.

Bülent CEDETAŞ, who passed away on 15.02.2015, will be remembered for his incredible patience - tolerance - humanity - honesty - diligence - reassuring and behind his work.