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Energy Solution Services

Do you want your production process to continue reliably, under control and without interruption?

If that is the case, come to Cedetaş and don’t waste your energy and your budget any longer.

Bolster your machinery and equipment with CEDETAŞ's soft starters, exploit the opportunities to spend less for energy with solar energy systems and an energy audit, and increase the productivity in your workplace with CEDETAŞ’s Industrial Digital Transformations solutions for energy systems.

Benefit from Cedetaş's 35 Years of international field experience

Cedetaş delivers turnkey system solutions for medium and low voltage electromechanical projects complete with switchgear and has a proven expertise in various sectors including water, energy and iron and steel.  For your unique process requirements in which your technical purchasing specifications have already been determined, we offer to review, revise and optimize your system design in light of our 35 years of international field experience.

Cedetaş develops custom solutions for your energy infrastructural needs.

Whether your needs are safely starting, controlling and stopping large motor driven machinery, supplementing your mains energy with a solar energy, or auditing your current facility’s energy usage and distribution, Cedetaş has a solution for you. 

Since 1989, Cedetaş has been providing energy-related infrastructure to many well-known companies, for a wide scope of applications and often integrates these applications with an Industrial Digital Transformation system solution.   As a result of its rarely matched depth of technical knowledge, acquired from its sales, application, technical service, and production experience, Cedetaş is in a unique position to promptly develop solutions and/or solve any field issues, should you ever need them.

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The Scope of Technical Services Offered by Cedetaş for Energy:

DiscoveryDesignContractingProcurementProductionApplication & Training and After-Sales Technical Support.