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Within the Discovery phase, Cedetaş works to comprehensively identify and analyze the current conditions within the scope of the targeted future condition.  This phase may also be needed to confirm a good match between the design requirements and the selection of the technology.

For many unique and mission critical application needs, often times this discovery has already been completed by your own experts. 

If Discovery is done by Cedetaş, some of the questions we will ask are as follows:

·        Can you tell us about your manufacturing process and equipment standards?

·        Are the machines and equipment in the process adequately contributing data to the manufacturing process management?

·        How much of the data is contributed by workers and how is it measured?

·        Can this data be used to control the machines and the process in which they are used?

·        What are the conditions required in order to ensure an optimal production and would you like these conditions be programmed into the machine and management network?

·        Are there downtimes from unexpected machine failure? 

·        Are there risks to worker safety due to machine failure?

·        Are there extended downtimes from process changeovers due to product version changes?

·        Are the products and manufacturing process being measured adequately?

·        Are the amount of losses in material, product and machine downtime adding significant costs to the production?

·        Is the operational process and product data being adequately presented for cost accounting?

·        Is there sufficient quality data being collected in order to log events for quality management, identify root causes of non-conformances, analyze trends, extract insights and relationships, and predict performance opportunities and risks?

·        Does the system adequately inform the key individuals when a non-conformance exists?

·        Does the system adequately take the necessary corrective action to prevent loss of life, equipment and material?

·        Can these processes be securely monitored and presented over any smart device, such as a computer or mobile phone?

·        When may we do a site-survey?

·        How experienced is your staff and what kind of technical service support do you expect to need?

·        What is your budget?


At the end of the Discovery phase, all of the parameters needed for the Design phase will be clarified in the form of a Discovery Report.

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