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After Sales Technical Support

Cedetaş provides a number of after-sales services and warranties including on-site or remote service calls, product or system repairs, routine maintenance and software upgrades.  Cedetaş is an authorized technical service provider for the brands it distributes. 


Service Calls

In the case when the system does not operate as desired, the first step is to determine the root-cause of the failure. 

System failures may be caused by user-error, electrical, mechanical, network, software, cyber security failures or environmental changes.  In the case where the source is unclear, Cedetaş may be called on-site or log in remotely to determine the root cause of the failure.


Product or System Repairs

In the case where a product is not functioning due to a mechanical or electrical failure, Cedetaş provides repair services either on-site or from Cedetaş ’s own facilities.  In the case of a software failure, Cedetaş may provide remote or on-line system audit and administration services. 

Depending on the nature of the failure, the economic lifetime of the product, the presence of a warranty and the cost of repair, Cedetaş may offer to repair, replace or upgrade the product within or outside of the warranty.


System Upgrades

As the industrial process and state-of-the art technology evolves, changes in software users, scope, and features may offer advantages to the users.  In the case that the customer wants to take advantage of this opportunity, Cedetaş may offer to procure and configure the software as well as the other system parameters which may be affected.

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