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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Hitachi SJ-S1 IP55M series frequency converter has announced its IP55 high Protection class, with built-in main switch. Depending on the motor type, permanent magnet (PM) or induction motor (IM) motors can be started. Hitachi manufactures a wide range of high performance frequency converters for many industrial applications. The modular design of frequency converters offers application-oriented
Thursday, 24 June 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
There are four different industrial facilities in the IRAQ region, including 3 pumping stations, 1 treatment plant and a 15000 m3 warehouse. Pump stations and treatment plant were built to meet the industrial water needs of these facilities. All electrical works within the facility, supply of 6.3 kV MV softstarters (Softstarter), assembly, commissioning and automation
Wednesday, 23 June 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
With the construction of this facility, the amount of arsenic in the water was brought to world health standards. The world’s largest drinking water arsenic treatment plant with a capacity of 3.000 lt/s (270.000 m3/day) was established in İzmir and all electrical and automation works of this plant were done by Cedetaş Engineering. In project
Friday, 11 June 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Establishment of Automation System in the Biological Treatment Plant of Antalya/Belek Çolaklı town This facility consists of units that work according to the principle of long-ventilated activated sludge and biologically decompose aerobic microorganisms and organic substances that cause pollution in the water. Wastewater is separated from solid waste by passing through the grid system. It
Tuesday, 25 May 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Automation partner is very important for companies and there are many points to be considered. This partner should be a company that will serve you for years, solve your problems and carry you forward. This partner should not be thought of as simply giving you the cheapest price to meet your current needs. When choosing

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    For slag pump motors of 6.3kV-500kW-57A rated value, which are directly started in the facility Hiconics brand MV frequency convertergiven way. The purpose is in enginesspeed adjustmentand it can be increased to 55 Hz if needed. In this way, the pool where the slag water mixture is accumulated will be used more effectively. Product supply...
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    How to Select a Medium Voltage (MV) Frequency Converter?

    Medium voltage (MV) electric motors are used in almost most of the medium and large scale factory/industrial sites. They appear in various application areas, sometimes in fan / pump applications and sometimes in mill applications under heavy conditions. It is necessary to make sure that these engines are working in appropriate working conditions in...
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