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Friday, 03 September 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
  What is Solar Pump Systems? We can call Solar Pump Systems the system that generates electrical energy from solar energy (Photovoltaic) panels to deliver water from tanks to residences for agricultural irrigation or residential uses and run pumps or water motors. Working principle of solar pump systems In general, the working principle is to
Thursday, 26 August 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become a huge industry today and increases efficiency and productivity in many areas. There are three basic structures for a healthy IoT system: End devices to collect data from the field and take action. Gateways to transfer the data collected from end devices to the Internet (IP) network.
Wednesday, 11 August 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Electric motors are used at almost every point of factory and industrial sites. It is necessary to make sure that these engines are working in suitable working conditions in order not to interrupt the production of the enterprises. The mechanical and electrical stresses that occur on the motor over time reduce the life of the
Wednesday, 07 July 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Hitachi SJ-S1 IP55M series frequency converter has announced its IP55 high Protection class, with built-in main switch. Depending on the motor type, permanent magnet (PM) or induction motor (IM) motors can be started. Hitachi manufactures a wide range of high performance frequency converters for many industrial applications. The modular design of frequency converters offers application-oriented
Thursday, 24 June 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
All electrical works of 3 pumping stations, 1 treatment plant and 15000 m3 warehouse built to meet the water needs of 4 different industrial facilities in the IRAQ Organized Industrial Zone, supply of 6.3 kV MV softstarters (Softstarter), assembly, commissioning and automation SCADA works were done by Cedetas Engineering. In project scope; At the 1st

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    With Iconics CFSWorX, you can make your Field Service Plans More Efficient.

    With Iconics CFSWorX (Connected Field Service), you can simplify Field Service Organizations and reduce your downtime. Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring : CFSWorX provides real-time monitoring of connected equipment, whether that be on-premises or via the Internet of Things. CFSWorX uses intelligent workflow technology to determine which field worke...
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    How to Start Multiple MV Motor With VFD?

    For slag pump motors of 6.3kV-500kW-57A rated value, which are directly started in the facility Hiconics brand MV frequency convertergiven way. The purpose is in enginesspeed adjustmentand it can be increased to 55 Hz if needed. In this way, the pool where the slag water mixture is accumulated will be used more effectively. Product supply...
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    How To Control And Monitoring Energy in Remote Locations?

      Industrial sites or businesses may not be located in the same location. Factories or businesses can be found in scattered lands or even in interurban areas. Especially in commercial areas, production areas can be found in both urban and rural areas even at intercontinental points. In such places, it becomes important to control the...
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    How to Select a Medium Voltage (MV) Frequency Converter?

    Medium voltage (MV) electric motors are used in almost most of the medium and large scale factory/industrial sites. They appear in various application areas, sometimes in fan / pump applications and sometimes in mill applications under heavy conditions. It is necessary to make sure that these engines are working in appropriate working conditions in...
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    What is PLC? What Does It Do?

    PLC can be preferred in industrial field and wherever it may be required. What is PLC in this article? What are PLC types? We will try to find answers to some questions such as what should we pay attention to when choosing a PLC.   What is PLC? It is based on controlling the information...