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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
The new member of the Hitachi Hx family… Hitachi HX Series PAC (Process Automation Controller) is the next generation industrial controller. With its “Stand Alone” structure, Hx PAC controller offers perfect control for all kinds of industrial areas from machine automation to system automation. Thanks to its IOT capabilities, it is ready for the next
Thursday, 16 September 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Medium voltage (MV) electric motors are used in almost most of the medium and large scale factory/industrial sites. They appear in various application areas, sometimes in fan / pump applications and sometimes in mill applications under heavy conditions. It is necessary to make sure that these engines are working in appropriate working conditions in order
Friday, 03 September 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
  What is Solar Pump Systems? We can call Solar Pump Systems the system that generates electrical energy from solar energy (Photovoltaic) panels to deliver water from tanks to residences for agricultural irrigation or residential uses and run pumps or water motors. Working principle of solar pump systems In general, the working principle is to
Thursday, 26 August 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become a huge industry today and increases efficiency and productivity in many areas. There are three basic structures for a healthy IoT system: End devices to collect data from the field and take action. Gateways to transfer the data collected from end devices to the Internet (IP) network.
Wednesday, 11 August 2021 / Published in Automation-Eng, Security
Electric motors are used at almost every point of factory and industrial sites. It is necessary to make sure that these engines are working in suitable working conditions in order not to interrupt the production of the enterprises. The mechanical and electrical stresses that occur on the motor over time reduce the life of the

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    What is Motor Test Stand Application?

    The motor, whose production process is completed, needs to pass some tests before it reaches the end user. It is possible to collect the tests to be done under 3 Phases. Phase-1 : After starting the motor; current, voltage, frequency and vibration values are read. If the readings meet the specified standard values, the motor...
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    What Should We Consider When Choosing Our Automation Partner?

    Automation partner is very important for companies and there are many points to be considered. This partner should be a company that will serve you for years, solve your problems and carry you forward. This partner should not be thought of as simply giving you the cheapest price to meet your current needs. When choosing...
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    How to Design Electrical Plan

    The whole of the plans, schemes and calculations prepared for the establishment of electrical facilities in accordance with modern technology in the areas designed to be built is called Electrical Project Design. Standard-specifications and regulations are the basis of the design. Each electrical design covers different systems depending on the pur...
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    Senstar Stellar Microwave Perimeter Security System

    Izmir Elar company, which we work with in this project, is one of our regional solution partners. We have been informed that there were some security problems (which we could not disclose due to our confidentiality agreement) in the internationally operating facility in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, where we have been supporting the ‘Noti...
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    Çolaklı Municipality Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant – Antalya

    Establishment of Automation System in the Biological Treatment Plant of Antalya/Belek Çolaklı town This facility consists of units that work according to the principle of long-ventilated activated sludge and biologically decompose aerobic microorganisms and organic substances that cause pollution in the water. Wastewater is separated from solid was...