Digital Transformation

With Cedetaş Engineering and Technology, you don’t have to be a professional engineer to get you a better system.  We do.

We make electromechanical and information technology work for you so that you can concentrate on your core business. We know how hard it is to stay competitive and what we do improves your financial results.

We can help your company reduce operating expenses, extend the operational lifetime of your investment, reduce and protect against losses, provide you with the timely measurements and analysis you need, in a way you’ll understand, such that it empowers you to make better and faster business decisions.

And what do we do?

  • We enable digital transformations from the factory floor to the information systems of your business.
  • We make your machines communicate with each other and the people who run them.
  • We manufacture and install control systems for your oversized motors and pumps.
  • We design electrical infrastructure and lighting for your building and large industrial complexes.
  • We design and install systems for the protection of human and fixed assets in your explosive and/or mission-critical environments.
  • We provide consultancy services when your issues are complex; we maintain and calibrate your life safety and control systems where they are in the field.
  • We provide in-house technical services for repairs.
  • We also utilize, sell and distribute globally renowned automation, energy and life-safety technology.

Since the 1970s, we’ve seen which technologies came and which went, how standards and techniques evolve and how they are actually applied in the field.  We have successfully leveraged this experience to provide robust technical solutions not only in Turkey, but in quite a few other countries as well, including the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Africa. You can review our digital transformation projects.

As a company incorporated in Istanbul, we’ve learned firsthand over a half century, how to foresee and optimize against operational risks, not only for us but for our customers too.  We understand the balance between safety, functionality, aesthetics, cost and timeliness.  There is a good chance that one of our more than 1500 projects might have some similarity with the challenges you face now.

Over all of these years and all of the developments, the only thing that hasn’t changed is our mission.  In this ever-rapidly transforming world, our mission is to uphold high engineering standards and incorporate industry leading technology, all while we design and implement long-lasting, reliable systems for those businesses in need.  Ultimately, we intend for our solutions to contribute to the progress of Industry and Society, as a whole.

Do you have an engineering project?  If so, how can we help?

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