İSKİ MELEN 2nd STAGE PUMP TERMINAL CENTER – TURKEY – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

İSKİ - Melen 2nd Stage Pump Pumping Center


İSKİ  is a public of utility of İstanbul Metropoliton Municipality, which is a pionner in the field of water and wastewater in their investments. 11 kV Starters are in MetalClad structure and “All in One” solution is applied. With this structure, 2x Feeding, 1x Coupling, 10xCompensation and 10xStarting systems are offered in the same place and a compact solution at 23.20 meters.

Melen project is the insurance of Istanbuls water. This Project aim to meet potable water needs of İstanbul by making use of water resources of Melen River located within the border of Düzce, 170 km east from İstanbul.

In project scope;

  • 8 pcs 11 kV 4500 kW; 1.7 m3 / sec
  • 2 units of 11 kV 2700 kW 1.0 m3 / sec pump motors are used with IGEL Soft Starter.
  • Hitachi PLC and SCADA systems at the pump station are working with redundant structure.
  • 42 ”LCD Monitor, 10” Hitachi Operator Panel (HMI) is used for monitoring and control of process.
  • Energy monitoring automation was established at 154 kV switchyard.
  • Fiberoptic communication between the pump station and the pump station.
  • The water from Melen is transferred to the loading tank with 10 MV pumps.
  • From here, water flow is provided to Istanbul with the attraction. (Input DN3000, Output 2xDN2500 type pipe)