Turkey Coal (TCC) Energy Monitoring Automation Project – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Turkey Coal (TCC)
Energy Monitoring Automation Project


We have done with this project, Zonguldak, Turkey Hard Coal General Directorate 'in Substations MV breakers in case the information received from the electronic relays and energy analyzers "Cedetaş Engineering" has been completed by the energy monitoring automation works with success. The system has been provided with the computer installed in the center to monitor and control SCADA.

In project scope;

  • Medium voltage breaker relays and energy analyzers; remote control, monitoring and reporting of the system from the high voltage branch directorate and energy electrofication branch directorates.
  • Relay status and energy analyzer data can be received from four different locations via wireless communication with GSM modem to SCADA.
  • The status of 20 MV breaker relays and the information received from 3 new energy analyzers were transferred to the SCADA computer in the center.
  • It has been ensured that people with authorization definitions can monitor, control and receive reports from a remote location.
  • It is designed so that 7 users (within its authorization) can connect to the system at the same time via a mobile phone or any computer.
  • It is designed to give a warning on the SCADA screen and send SMS information to defined persons at the same time, when any of the breakers fails.
  • It is designed to monitor energy consumption in 4 different locations, perform data analysis and inform the relevant departments (by the relevant person) when necessary.
  • Within the scope, all works including Desktop SCADA computer, GSM modem, energy analyzer and cable cabling have been delivered on a turnkey basis.
  • The system was delivered in working condition after all procedures were completed and after on-site testing and commissioning.