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Hitachi SJ-S1 Series (New)

Hitachi New SJ-S1 series is designed to fulfill many of your demands with an economical price / performance ratio. It has first class starting properties to provide instant power and efficient operation. SJ-S1 is designed for harsh conditions. With the LED Display screen, you can control your asynchronous motors safely and economically.

With the Multi-Rating feature; ND and LD can be adapted to the working conditions in the load. So you can save space and cost.

Sensorless vector control (SLV) feature and designed for heavy conditions of 150% 60 sec (200% 1 sec) of nominal current. Protection class IP55 product is also available optionally.

Standard Features:

Power Range:
ND (For Heavy Conditions): 0.75 kW - 400 kW
LD (For Light Conditions): 1.5 kW - 500 kW
Sensorless Vector Control
STO Function (SIL2)
Starting moment greater than 200%
Internal RS485 communication ports
Internal Braking unit (up to 37 kW ‘, 45 kW and 110 kW‘ optional)
Internal C3 EMC Filter
PID Control
Automatic voltage regulation
Macros that can be developed for any application
4 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 1 AO
Advanced Engine Protection features
Temperature -10 ... + 50 ° C (lossy after + 40 ° C)
Humidity 20… ... 90% (Non-condensing)
CE Certified

Usage areas :

Conveyor / Band applications
Packaging Machines
Crane Applications
Mixer Machines
Plastic Extruder, Granulator Machines
In mill engines
Fan / Pump Applications
Industrial Suction systems
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