TSC05-A1S – Fixed Heat Detector – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

TSC05-A1S - Fixed Heat Detector

Both Temperature heat detectors analyze the ambient temperature by the means of thermistor type CTN. TSC05 (static heat detector) is either classified A1S or BS according to EN54-5 standard: • TSC05-A1S: static T°=62°C±3°C • TSC05-BS: static T°=75°C±5°C TRC05 (static + rate of rise detector) is especially adapted for average ambient temperature conditions under +10°C. TRC05 is classified A1R according to EN54-5 standard: • Static T°=62°C±3°C • ΔT°>9°C/min Both types include a developed technology (microprocessors, smd components) which means precision and high reliability. A specific head detection fixed by a single ceiling base. 12V version of TRC05 & TSC05 detectors is also available for security type systems - Rate of rise + Fixed heat detector

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