Takebishi OPC Server Software – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

Communication Software that provides connectivity with Control Devices DeviceXPlorer is an OPC server software which provides Connectivity with control devices in a manufacturing floor such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots.
It provides communication functions with every control devices via a variety of networks such as Ethernet and bridges data to various applications.



Features : 

  • OPC Interface is installed                        : Supports OPC UA / DA / AE interface
                                                                       (SuiteLink also supported)
  • 24 hours continuonus operation system   : Unnecessary to suspend the whole system when changing cofiguration 
  • Available multi languages                        :  English / Japanese / Chinese / Korea
  • Connentivity                                             : Accessible to over 230 kinds of Devices


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