Seapearl residential and hotel campus – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Located in the Ataköy district of Istanbul, the total covered area of ​​the project is 920,000 m².

It consists of 8 types of residence blocks, 1 commercial and 1 hotel block. In residential blocks with a construction area of ​​290.000m²

There are a total of 1830 independent units and 57 different housing types. In the campus built as east and west stages,

Along with the project services, supervision service is also provided.

The hotel section consists of a Residence block consisting of 136 apart units and a hotel block with 113 rooms.

The project design is carried out in accordance with the standards of Jumeirah Hotel, which will operate.

The total power of the campus is 10MVA and it is fed with 100% generator energy.

Services Provided:

- Design & Application Project

- Tender Documents

-Control Services