MS-DAF Mechanical Thermal heat sensor – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

MS-DAF Mechanical Thermal heat sensor

MS Atex heat sensors, are mechanical type sensors. Their features make them ruggedand reliable, suitable to be used for industrial installation and in harsh environments where standardelectronic heat sensors are not suitable for installation. MS sensors are subdivided into three main categories

MOD.MS DF: sensor with an alarm intervention only when a sudden growth of rise, of 14°C perminute, has been occurred. Operating temperature range: -20÷+90°C.MS Sensors, are designed for object protection, this has not to be intended to use them as automatic fire detectors for areas protection, with respect to the current standards.Normally, an alarm temperature comprised within 10 to 35°C over the maximum ambienttemperature could be assumed, the use of the most suitable model shall be done considering theinstallation typology.


Material : Brass UNI 5705-65 / steel AISI 304 / Steel AISI 316 (those last two are to beconsidered as special versions). Surface protection (only for Brass version): bright nickelage.

As option (not included in the standard version) the cylindrical body (sensor body) can be made ofAISI304, or AISI316. Both versions are special and require dedicated quotation.

Thread for both version: ¾” GAS for external thread/¾” NPT, for the part threaded to enclosure.


MS sensors, Atex certified or IP65 version, are mounted on an aluminium alloy box ,with the dimension of 70 or 90 mm, with N°2 ¾” NPT cable inlets. On request, £/4” to M20 reductions can be mounted. Inside Jbox is located the terminal board

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