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Hitachi Micro EHV+ Serie - Codesys


The Hitachi Micro EHV+ PLC, it is possible to program compact and small structured PLCs with CodeSYS. With Micro EHV+, we offer solutions in industrial fields up to 320 I/O without the need for modular PLC. Thanks to its flexible structure, different applications respond to user requests. With CodeSYS, it is the ideal solution for those seeking high performance in a compact construction.

Standard Features :

  • Conforms to IEC 61131-3 standards.
  • Programming with CodeSYS (v3.5 and later) in five different languages (LD, IL, FBD, ST, SFC, CFC)
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Ethernet support (Modbus TCP Server, Modbus RTU Master / Slave, EtherCAT Master)
  • Serial RS232c Support (option: RS485 support)
  • User program / source file memory: 1 MB / 1MB
  • 0.54 command processing speed
  • Expandability up to 320 I / O
  • 3 channels 65 kHz PWM and pulse outputs
  • 5 channel 100 kHz high speed counter inputs
  • Web Display Function
  • Real Time Clock

Optional Products :

  • OBV-NES (RS485 Communication Module)
  • OBV-485A (RS485 Communication Module and two Pieces 0-10V Analog Input) - 10 Bit
  • OBV-AIO (Two Pieces 0-10V Analog Input, Two Pieces 0-10V Analog Output) - 10 Bit
  • OBV-485TAI (RS485 I / F Terminal, Two Pieces 0-10V Analog Input) - 10 Bit
  • OBV-485TAO (RS485 I / F Terminal, Two Piece 0-10V Analog Output) - 10 Bit

Application Areas :

  • Machine applications
  • System automation
  • Energy automation
  • Pump applications

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