MA05 IInteractive optical heat detector – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

MA05 IInteractive optical heat detector

Multicriteria or combined, microprocessor based , 1 programmable remote alarm indicator output, 8 levels sensitivity setting, EN54-7, CE according to CPD

MA05 temperature heat/optical smoke detector consists of a photo electric light scatter made sensitive by a thermal element. This detector detects visible smokes with or without heat emission. The threshold of alarm of the heat element is 68°C. MA05 detector analyzes an atmosphere by reflection of a light on the particles of smoke according to TYNDALL effect. It detects especially the cold and visible smoke particles (0,3µm to 2µm) produced in the early stages of a fire. The threshold of response of alarm is regulated to obtain the value m=0,2db/m±0,03 according to standard EN54-7. MA05 includes a developed technology (microprocessors, smd components) which means precision and high reliability. A specific head detection fixed by a single ceiling base. MA05 is dedicated to interactive fire detection panels. The smoke detector MA05 is designed to be installed under flat ceiling with heights ranging between 2,5 m and 12 m in healthy and more or less ventilated buildings. The maximum supervised surface is 80m² by detector; however it is preferable to refer to the local rules of installation recommended in particular when the characteristics of the installation differ from those stated above. Eight levels of sensitivity are available while programming the fire detection panel (from 0,1dB/m to 0,35 dB/m).
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