Lighting Design – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş



 Lighting designs that add functionality and presence to the building  also determine a purpose for how to use the spaces. Lighting design
 personalizes the building and provides integrity.

While a building without architectural lighting is just a building,  the lighting design adds a personality to that building. It increases
 the aesthetic appeal of the building and makes it noticeable. In addition,  the lighting design adds functionality to the building, and thus wealth.
 In the atmosphere of a building that is not illuminated properly,  it is not possible to work effectively, to rest or to lead a pleasant
 and productive life.

Design projects for special areas (façade lightings-exhibition hall-museum lighting ...) where aesthetic concerns are at the 
forefront and objects are desired to be emphasized, lighting applications that require special expertise (sports areas ...) 
are carried out without brand dependency.
Design Scope; Compliance with Leed and Breem Standards Lighting Calculations Design and Decoration Placement Determination and Documentation of Fixture Types Point Light Intensity Calculations Armature Modeling Detailed Rendering Studies, Detailed Light Curve Charts