Igel ISA-DS – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Igel ISA-DS Serie

The Igel ISA-DS series is fully digitally controlled to apply for industrial working tests. Break-off power ranges from 4 kW to 630 kW. All power-up by-pass contactor is standard. Two independent and independent parameters can be entered and switched between parameters with a single keystroke. With its pulsed start feature, it can take off the loads that are difficult to move first. It has selectable curves for the take-off ramp. RS485 modbus, Profibus etc. It is compatible with communication protocols. Unique engine protection features provide complete protection for your engine. It has special application software.

Standard Features :

  • 2 Line LCD Panel
  • 3 phase thyristor controlled
  • Internal By-pass system
  • CE, UL, c-UL, TA and ISO 9001
  • Modbus, Profibus communication features
  • Takeoff can be adjusted between 10% and 50%
  • Current limit 100% In to 400% In
  • The starting time can be increased up to 30 seconds
  • Stop time can be increased up to 30 seconds
  • Two different start stop parameters can be specified.
  • The start and stop ramps are selectable.
  • External Fault Contact
  • Motor protection features remain active even in the By-pass situation.

Engine Protection Features :

  • Short circuit (Magnetic)
  • Overload (Thermal)
  • Maximum take off time
  • Phase loss protection
  • Low / high frequency
  • Phase sequence distortion
  • Over or under voltage
  • Thyristor short circuit
  • Connection error
  • Extreme temperature
  • Low current
  • External error signal

Application Areas :

  • Fan
  • Pump
  • Conveyor
  • Mixers
  • Mixer
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