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Iconics SCADA

New Generation Automation Software ...

GENESIS64 ™ is an advanced SCADA solution. Leading the next generation of 64-bit automation software solutions. In all industrial sectors, HMI / SCADA performs comprehensive data collection, control and monitoring for your needs.

GENESIS64 ™ SCADA uses 3D images, OPC and OPC-UA, PLC, BACnet, .NET, platform HTML5 and SharePoint® technology. It prepares a secure cloud environment in Information Technologies (IT) and presents the advantages of Industry 4.0.

With IoTWorX, a new generation of SaaS (Software as a Service) and IoT applications can be made based on analytical and mobile products.

You can download the demo software from the link below.


Features :

  • Universal connection - OPC UA, BACnet, SNMP and databases
  • Intuitive 2D and 3D WPF and HTML5 display
  • IoT Solutions
  • Local Geo-SCADA
  • Real-time and Historical Trends
  • Graphs, Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Performance Calculations
  • Data Merge and Data Solutions
  • Object-oriented scattered alarm management
  • Asset and tag-based organization support
  • Cross-browser on any device, cross-platform access
  • Web-based development and configuration
  • Customizable display or canvas-based display
  • Hardware accelerated 3D user experience
  • Multi-Touch local and multi-touch user interaction
  • International language support and expandable API

Solutions :

  • Asset Management
  • Geo-SCADA
  • Real-time and Historical Trends
  • Graphs, Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Merge and Data Solutions
  • Distributed Alarm Management
  • Performance Calculations
  • Remote Collectors
  • MobileHMI Key Features
  • IoT Solutions
  • Water Solutions
  • Energy Solutions
  • Facility Solutions
  • Quality Solutions
  • Management Solutions
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Reporting Solutions
  • OPC Server Solutions

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