Harbiye Military Museum – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Harbiye Askeri Müzesi

Project location: Harbiye Military Museum

The risks of fire and security violations are quite high in
 military facilities and museums. In this strategically and 
historically important museum, all security measures must be 
taken completely. In line with these demands of the museum, 
a turnkey solution was produced, including the project work. 
Our company has been chosen in line with our product and service
 references. The systems of the museum, whose maintenance and 
service services are carried out by us, have been operating 
without any defects since 1994.

Notifier fire system and Geutebrück IP CCTV system were 
preferred in this project.

The museum has an addressable fire system and extinguishing
 panels that are monitored by a central software. The facility
 is protected against fire risk with 1800 addressed equipment.

With more than 100 IP cameras monitored from a center in the
 museum, all environment and interior spaces are under protection.