G-Cam/EWPC-3451 4K Bullet Camera – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

G-Cam/EWPC-3451 4K Bullet Camera

G-Cam/EWPC-3451 4K Bullet Camera

4K outdoor Bullet Camera with IR LED and a focal length of 3.5 - 8 mm. The camera delivers up to 30 fps with H.264 at full resolution and can be operated via PoE or 12 VDC. The Bullet Camera in 4K resolution is characterized by the vandalism-protected weatherproof housing with built-in sunshield, which perfectly protects against the weather or dazzling sunlight. With its integrated infrared LEDs, the lens delivers sharp images even at night.

  • With a high resolution of 8 megapixels, the camera enables surveillance of larger areas while maintaining a very high level of detail.
  • Replaces several less high-resolution cameras effortlessly.
  • The integrated P-IRIS zoom lens, in contrast to automatic iris lenses with its motor-controlled iris, provides considerably greater depth of field, especially when monitoring long corridors or car parks.
  • The integrated infrared LED lighting provides even in absolute darkness sufficient illumination at a distance of up to 40 meters for optimal image results.
  • Extended range of functions compared to ONVIF connection due to own G-Core plugin
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