FS 2000E UV Flame Sensor – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

FS 2000E UV Flame Sensor

Flame sensor FS-2000E quickly detects ultraviolet rays contained in flames and activates a built-in alarm sound plus an external output. Power is to be wired to 10 ~ 30VDC.


 The alarm will be activated only when the sensor detects a flame (ultraviolet rays) in accordance with the detection timer. The 4 following detection times are selectable by a slide switch located on the sensor body.

<0.2 sec., 1 sec., 6 sec., 30 sec.,>

OTHER FUNCTIONS *The internal alarm sounder output is greater than 80dB at 3.3ft.(1m) in front of the sensor, and it can be turned off. *Equipped with Tamper output.

FORM C EXTERNAL OUTPUT Equipped with a Form C output, FS-2000E can be connected to a Fire / Security control panel. Also the output signal can be used to initiate a warning device, CCTV surveillance as a part of advanced security system.

ALARM MEMORY Which sensor is activated can be easily identified by Alarm memory indication. Memory LED on the sensor body blinks for 3 min. and lights on for 47 min. after alarm activation. PROTECTION AREA ADJUSTMENT Compact design (φ120mm) enables FS-2000E to be installed at any location. Easy separation of the sensor unit from the base simplifies installation and maintenance. In addition, equipped with Protection area adjustment, wide selections of protection area setting are available.

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