FC721-ZZ Fire Control Panel (1-loop) in Housing (Eco) – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

FC721-ZZ Fire Control Panel (1-loop) in Housing (Eco)

The FC721-ZZ is a compact fire control panel with integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus™ PRO devices of up to 126 addresses.
The fire control panel may be used as a stand-alone unit only.
In addition, an Ethernet connection is available at each station. Via this fast Ethernet interface remote control service is possible. All detector lines are monitored for ground faults.
The Cerberus-Engineering-Tool permits the system to be adapted to specific customers' requirements. Up to 2000 events can be stored according to various criteria. Automatic summer/winter change. Detection and automatic read-in (auto-configuration) of all C-NET devices, providing immediate simple operation. Stored data can be uploaded via Cerberus-Remote access.
The FC721-ZZ is ideally suited for smaller applications, e.g. in workshops, hotels, etc.
The expansion and accessories must be ordered separately.

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