ETC05-B Adreslenebilir İnput/Output Modül – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

ETC05-B Adreslenebilir İnput/Output Modül

ETC05 is a control module with 1 input and 1 relay output, compatible with the SD3 Héphaïs range of panels. ETC05 can read alarms, faults and any other fire detection information by the means of specific input circuit AND can operate an external power supply source by the means of a commandable output. ETC05 has an isolator integrated on its circuit avoiding the use of an external isolator on the loop. ET4C05 is a combination of 4 x ETC05 in a single device. It makes available 4 inputs and 4 relays outputs programmable with the downloading software of the Héphaïs/Alpha range of panels. ET4C05 declares itself on the panel as 4 ETC05 (input/output module) and take successively 4 addresses on the panel. Its use is similar to the ETC05 device.

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