EHV Series PLC – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

Hitachi EHV Serisi PLC

32 bit microprocessor, Ethernet, USB, serial communication ports on the CPU are standard and have a modular structure. With the Hitachi EHV Modular PLC, perfect control is offered for all kinds of industrial areas, from machine automation to system automation.

Standard Features :

  • High performance CPU and IO modules
  • Flexible IO modules:
    - Ethernet,
    - USB,
    - Serial communication
  • Flexible communication modules:
    - Profibus DP,
    - Device-Net,
    - CanOpen,
    - Modbus,
  • Hi-protocol
  • High command processing speed
  • At least 4000 I / O supply from a single CPU
  • To be able to see the operation status with 7 Segment LED's

Application Areas :

  • System automation
  • Energy automation
  • Pump applications
  • Machine applications
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