DMA05 Interactive Manual Call Point – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

DMA05 Interactive Manual Call Point

DMA05 manual call points are devices of transmission of an alarm status towards an addressable indicating panel. This action is carried out by the operator through mechanical pressure on the window located in the front. Return to the normal status can be done only after local resetting using a special key. Moreover the addressable version of manual call point integrates on every device a switch providing the function of line isolator. This function is assured only in association with the HEPHAIS range panels which are equipped with boards managing the loop/line. The function "Isolator of line" makes possible the isolation of sections in short-circuit (Shortcircuit between 2 conductors of the connecting cable), located between 2 devices equipped with switch. Usually, connection is carried out with shielded cable from 0, 6mm² to 1,5mm². Shield must be protected by an insulator tape in order to avoid any short-circuit. Call point also exits in waterproof IP65 version BA95S

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