DLFBe R – Relay Beam Detector – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

DLFBe R - Relay Beam Detector

DLFBe is the ideal detector for covering large areas like entrance halls and long distances like corridors. It is also suitable for high buildings, where fire smoke will not be reached by a point detector fixed on the ceiling. It can also substitute point detectors for aesthetic reasons, or simply to limit the number of detectors in an area. Small and streamlined size of the DLFBe is really suitable for public buildings like museums, hospitals, and schools. The use of DLFBe is the solution for most of the industry’s needs, warehouses, factories, technical galleries or tunnels. Its exceptional coverage from 3m to 100m puts it among the highest performance of the world-wide present market. DLFBe is connected to a conventional line and does not need any external power supply. The relay version of DLFBe reports its various states through NO/NC output relays; this version needs an external power supply. The BEAM-BR can remotely disable or reset the DLFBe-R and only disable the DLFBe-C (reset is made in this case by the FDS). BEAM-BR action is made with the use of a physical key. Also available the DETTEL installation, configuration and remote tool for DLFBe-C and DLFBe-R can be connected directly to Beam detector or on the BEAM-BR connected remotely on the Beam

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