DC Series Digital Indoor Clocks – Cedetaş Mühendislik ve Teknoloji A.Ş

DC Series Digital Indoor Clocks

The DC series includes elegant and very slim digital clocks in 7-segment LED technique for displaying time and date. They are available with heights of 57, 100, or 180mm and with four- or six-digit time and date display. The stopwatch is included as a standard function in all models.

A variety of synchronization modes are available:

Stand-alone operation with internal quartz or with external DCF time code receiver, mains powered

NTP multicast or unicast (IP based) in Ethernet or WiFi network, PoE or mains powered

Slave clock operation in a wireless WTD system with a transmitter, which sends the time signal, mains powered

Slave clock operation, controlled by self-setting MOBALine code, mains powered. Numerous execution variants and options make it possible to fulfill individual customer's requests:

LED display in red, green, blue, or yellow

Single- or double-sided clocks

Aluminum housings, black or silver-anodized or in any RAL color

Wall mounting, ceiling suspension, or wall bracket mounting


Outdoor sensor for temperature display

Interface for RS 232, RS 485, IRIG-B

External buttons for stopwatch

Infrared remote control for easy access to all functions, for configuration as well as for the stopwatch function.

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