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System Design Services

The system design begins once the report of the Discovery stage has been completed.  Unless your process is a mission-critical unique project in which you have already have a technical specification, depending on the application Cedetaş can create or optimize one for you. 

If the System Design is done by Cedetaş, we begin to design a custom system optimized for your needs and objectives, the availability and applicability of the state of the art technology, your budget and time-frame.

If your requirements are starting and stopping oversized machines, such as like pumps and fans, Cedetaş will work to understand how to safely start and stop them.  Cedetaş will work with you to identify and implement responsive, control algorithms which will be triggered when undesirable conditions occur, such as excessive temperature, vibration, material losses, equipment failures, etc. 

If your requirements are to create a solar energy system for your facilities, Cedetaş will work with you to create a licensed, operational electrical energy generator to best supplement your infrastructure and reduce your costs.

If your energy audit is complete and you wish to create improvements in your industrial infrastructure, Cedetaş will work with you to identify, itemize and justify the changes needed which will give you the most value.

At the end of this stage, Cedetaş will specify all of the necessary material and equipment needed to realize the design and present you with some options.  From a management perspective, based on your economic and technical preferences, this project may be broken down into and implemented in successive stages.  The implementation may be done by Cedetaş’ staff or by your technical staff.  Based on their experience, your technical staff may require additional training and/or supervision, which may also be provided by Cedetaş.

As a result, and based on your preferences for the scope of design, the system requirements will be clarified and fixed for application in the form of a technical purchasing specification.

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