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Energy Solution
System Application and Training

The System Application phase follows the Procurement and/or Production phase in coordination with the contractor’s project program.  Based on your objectives, there may be a division of labor between Cedetaş, your own staff and/or your subcontractor.  In any case, Cedetaş is committed to ensure that you receive a fully-functioning system, as specified in the System Design phase.


Cedetaş Application and Commissioning Services

In coordination with your maintenance and production plans, if the application is to be done by Cedetaş, Cedetaş will go to your site and install, configure, connect and test each device in the design to your electrical or electromechanical infrastructure.  Once the system is operational, Cedetaş will test each device against the design requirements and the feedback from your technical authorities.  Once all of the specifications are met, Cedetaş will create all necessary technical and operational documentation that you may refer to at any time. 

Cedetaş Training

In the case where you will implement the system, Cedetaş will work with your technical staff to provide system, user or product training, as necessary and/or project and system supervision.

Cedetaş provides training and supervision for all devices within the scope of the system delivered by Cedetaş.

In the case where Cedetaş has created the technical and operational documentation, Cedetaş will provide system and user-training to members of your technical staff to show and teach them step-by-step how the system operates and the steps needed in the occurrence of an extraordinary condition.

Cedetaş System Control and Project Supervision

In the case where parts of the project are undertaken by some other party, Cedetaş may offer project application consultancy and supervisory services.  Within these services, Cedetaş will share it’s know how with your technical staff to ensure that the project is correctly configured and made operational.  Cedetaş will audit and report on the system in order to ensure that it meets the design specifications.

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