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Energy Solution

Within the Discovery phase, Cedetaş works to comprehensively identify and analyze the current conditions within the scope of the targeted future condition.  This phase may also be needed to confirm a good match between the design requirements and the selection of the technology.

For many unique and mission critical application needs, often times this discovery has already been completed by your own experts. 

If the Discovery phase is done by Cedetaş, depending on whether the application is for a soft starter, a solar energy plant, an energy audit and/or involves a digital transformation some of the questions we may ask are as follows:

Soft Starters

-        Can you tell us about your manufacturing process and equipment standards?

-        What kind of motor are you using?  Asynchronous or synchronous?

-        What is the voltage applied to the medium voltage variable frequency drive (MV VFD) and the motor?  Does the MV VFD have a custom winding?

-        What is the application type?  For example, is it a fan, a pump or a mixer?

-        What is the operating temperature in which the drive is to start with minimal losses?

-        What is the loading ratio for the application type?  For example, within 60 seconds do you want to reach a 120% or 150% of load?

-        Do you have a specified protocol with which you want to communicate?  Modbus RTU, Profibus, DB, Ethernet….?

-        Do you have a special need with respect to the IP protection class for your application?

-        What kind of additional protections do you need?

-        Does your motor heat up or break down frequently?

-        If the system turns on or off suddenly, what are the side-effects on your system?

-        When may we do a site-survey?

-        How experienced is your staff and what kind of technical service support do you expect to need?

-        What is your budget?

Solar Energy

-        What are your energy goals?  Is your goal to save energy or to save and sell energy?

-        Do you plan to use batteries in an off-grid application, or be an on-grid application or some hybrid combination?

-        At what location and where at that location do you plan to construct the solar energy plant?  On your roof?  In a field?

-        Do you own your current facility or are you authorized to do construction on your site?

-        Are there any sources of shadows in the vicinity of the intended location?

-        Are there any environmental constraints such as sand, snow, leaves or wind which may occlude or damage the panels?

-        If the plant will be constructed on your roof, what is the structural stability of your of your roof?  Do you have a static calculation for this or will you need one done for you?

-        When may we do a site-survey?

-        How experienced is your staff and what kind of technical service support do you expect to need?

-        What is your budget?

Industrial Energy Audit

-        What are your energy goals and priorities? Energy efficiency? Safety? Cost-effectiveness? Compliance with policy commitments to environmental management and performance?

-        When was your infrastructure constructed and updated last?

-        Do you have an itemized list of the equipment and their energy labels? 

-        Do you have a layout of the equipment within the plant?

-        Do you have a schematic drawing of the electrical distribution and the equipment?

-        What kind of delivery do you expect from the audit?  Data collection and identifications of existing conditions? Determination of areas of non-compliance to regulations? Recommendations for risk mitigation and opportunities?

-        When may we do a site-survey?

-        How experienced is your staff and what is the distribution of labor for the project?  For what tasks will your team be responsible and for what tasks will Cedetaş be responsible? 

-        What is your budget?


At the end of the Discovery Stage, all of the parameters needed for the design stage will be identified and clarified in the form of a report.

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