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Energy Solution

The Contracting stage follows the System Design stage.  After the technical purchasing specifications have been approved, a contractor is selected to manage the construction of the infrastructure and manage the project. 

Based on your objectives, there may be a division of labor between Cedetaş, your own staff and/or your own contractor.  In any case, Cedetaş is committed to ensure that you receive a fully-functioning system, as specified in the System Design stage within the project goals.

If the contracting is performed by Cedetaş, and in coordination with your maintenance staff, production staff, subcontractors, and all of the related suppliers, Cedetaş will create, share and update a master program to ensure the timely, cost-efficient, and qualitative implementation of the system. 

According to the master program, Cedetaş will go to your site, and ensure a proper installation and operability of the infrastructure, such as civil, mechanical and other electrical engineering works.  Once the infrastructure is deemed sufficient, Cedetaş will coordinate, control and communicate activities between your staff authorities and all of the suppliers.

The Contracting stage is completed when the customer has accepted and signed off on the completion of the project, as per the technical purchasing specification and any other commercial terms specified in the purchasing contract.

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